Painting out of a suitcase -or a tote-bag- when you travel

paint setWhile traveling recently on the Baltic Sea, I carried with me a little portable acrylic paint set I created (the plastic case with 8 small contains with flip lids- was purchased at “Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff”for less than $8)-all I had to do was to fill up the containers and label the colors. This set of paints which would not contain but a few ounces of paint in total, passed easily through security at all airports in my carry-on. several pages of palette paper – cut to fit- was attached to the lid and slipped into a plastic bag with two paint brushes; one flat and one round, all I needed was surfaces to create my paintings and an 8″x 10” pad of multi-media board was perfect for doing my paintings.

Germany painting

First painting created while in Germany while sitting across the canal in this lovely seaside village; fun and easy with the portable paint set!

sunflower viewSo this was the Helsinki Outdoor Market, and the sunflowers from this stall inspired me to do the following “Sunflower” painting!


sunflower painting

This is a small 8″ x 10″ acrylic painting of Helsinki Sunflowers created on multimedia board; works just as good as a canvas and  travels well.
Old Town, Estonia

The Old Town section of Tallin, Estonia was surrounded by this Medieval wall with towers and was the inspiration for the “Old Town” work.

Old Town painting

“Old Town” painting with arch into the section of Tallin, Estonia- fun to do!

Why not take your art supplies with you and paint to capture your memories!!